Sanada was a religious leader whose apocalyptic Amarr sect was eventually considered too extreme by Amarr church authorities and excommunicated. She had been preaching on space stations and continued the practice with her small but devout group of followers, one of whom was Auduban.

After being run off several stations and seeing her group of followers, cadre of ships and stocks of supplies all dwindle away, Sanada's desperation grew, to the point where she confided in Auduban that she was at the point of giving up completely. Auduban, an acolyte whose devotion to Sanada was unwavering and fanatical, attempted to fix their problems by installing rigs in their single remaining vessel in the hope of fitting it for combat.

He failed, miserably, and Sanada ended her physical life in the ensuing onboard ship systems failures, though her physical remains - and, possibly, spirit - remained of some import to the crazed Auduban and the scheme he eventually concocted.

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