Auduban was a Minmatar, living onboard a station somewhere outside Minmatar space. His fascination with Amarr culture - in particular with certain aspects of their religion and the practicers of same - eventually became an infatuation, causing him to be thrown out of his family's quarters, castigated by friends, and left to the devices of an apocalyptic Amarrian cult he had joined.

As has been known to happen in these cases, his devotion to the cult was in large part a devotion to its leader, Sanada, with whom Auduban fell deeply in love. It is uncertain whether his feelings were shared by Sanada, at least on a personal level, although to Auduban that fact seems to have been immaterial. Auduban's cult - either the particular group led by Sanada or the entire sect - was eventually excommunicated from its particular branch of the Amarr religion, the official reason being that they had become too extremist even for Amarrians to handle.

As might be expected, this did not detract from the cult fervor, and Sanada decided to take her group travelling between stations to preach as independent disciples. After they were run off by protesters several space stations, however, they began to lose members and fall low on supplies. In a desperate attempt to improve the space combat capabilities of their sole remaining vessel, Auduban forced several ship rigs into the vessel's control mechanisms. His attempts failed catastrophically: The ship nearly fell to pieces, and everyone but Auduban lost their lives - including Sanada. Shortly after, Auduban lost his mind - whether due to grief over the loss of his beloved, or the poisonous fumes from the fedos that were crawling all over the ship, is debatable - and embarked on a destructive cleansing ritual that involved intimate nude contact with fedos, and conversations with the spirit of Sanada conducted through what remained of her body.

Those conversations converged on a way to bring Sanada's end-times message to the waiting crowds of unbelievers, and eventually led to a positively insane Auduban docking the damaged vessel at a station and walking into customs bearing Sanada's decapitated head. With a bomb inside it.

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