Sadrede Svarg

Sadrede Svarg is an elder Minmatar statesman and government official.

At one point he and his fellow official, Aduner Hulmkelat, spent a few hours at the beach during a break in government negotiations. Together, they visited the sand sculptor Elbrand Toudin. Sadrede, being the more lithe of the two, managed to slip into the crowd, where he witnessed the three sculptures Elbrand was making. Sadrede expresses contempt at the chaotic and inflammatory sculptures and, after taking in all three, departed, seething over what he's seen.

When he saw a dancer performing the Ruhste, an ancient tribal dance, he exploded in rage and began yelling at the dancer, proclaiming the public displays only served to incite people and did nothing to further any cause. The dancer laughed at him and he stormed off.

When he saw Bryld, a child, playing with ChromIts, he was fascinated by the incredibly intricate design the child had made. He believed the child has done something of value, unlike the performers from earlier. He believed the Minmatar should do peaceful work. He maintained his enthusiasm even when Aduner pointed out the shortcuts and imperfections in the child's design. The two then returned to their negotiations with Karin Midular.

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