Elbrand Toudin

Elbrand Toudin is a Minmatar sand sculptor who has gained a small amount of popularity for the work he does on the beaches of Matar. Elbrand creates giant, yet intricate, sculptures out of the sand using a special bonding agent so they will retain their shape. His sculptures all contain inflammatory meanings.

Aduner Hulmkelat and Sadrede Svarg both watched him work one day, disapproving of his message. On that day, Elbrand created three sculptures. The first was a giant Minmatar whose body was made out of the faces of countless others in the crowd. The figure had Khuumaks for legs and was covered in tribal tattoos that spelled out slogans of hatred and war. The second sculpture was a giant sea serpent with compounds in its nose which constantly emitted smoke and fire. The third sculpture resembled a giant stone-age palace, but it was actually merely a facade to hide the mechanism that provided water to a much smaller figure of a Minmatar boy constantly urinating on the head of an Amarr.

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