Aduner Hulmkelat

Aduner Hulmkelat is an elder Minmatar statesman and government official.

At one point he and his fellow official, Sadrede Svarg, spent a few hours at the beach during a break in government negotiations. Together, they visited the sand sculptor Elbrand Toudin. Aduner watched from a pier above the proceedings, where he expressed dismay at the sculptures. He found the first, a chaotic figure with Minmatar faces for a body and Khumaaks for legs that were covered in tribal tattoos, to be needlessly inflammatory. He found a fire-breathing serpent to be both too real and unnervingly fake. And he thought it a waste of design and a crude joke when he found a stone castle that served merely as a facade to hide a mechanism that allowed a figure of a Minmatar boy to urinate on the head of an Amarr. He left with Sadrede and watched as his fellow berated a Ruhste dancer. Aduner considered that the dancer, in practicing an art that makes it appear he is only pretending to know how to inflict violence, was the one who was most likely able to inflict true violence without anyone realizing it.

When the two men later met Bryld, a young boy playing with ChromIts, Aduner was the one to notice the boy used a less challenging technique and cheated with glue to make his sculpture. Despite the child's young age, he grew frustrated, believing that he was only seeing illusions of promise and no actual potential. The two men then returned to their negotiations with Karin Midular.

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