Mountain Wind

Mountain Wind is one of the Caldari spirits.

Mountain Wind is the watcher of the skies and of the lands, swirling about the high peaks of world, carrying news of what he finds to the other spirits. Though a silent observer, when he speaks the other spirits listen, and Caldari would do best to listen as well; he does not waste words on trivialities. One Caldari folktale from the time just after contact with the Gallente describes him giving the first words of warning about the new visitors- "they come to tame the wind." Mountain Wind is also portrayed as the patron of scholars and historians, and has particular importance for the Kaalakiota Corporation, which is named for the towering mountains where the Caldari believe he is strongest.

Other divine entities include Wind-of-the-West, Cold Wind, Heart-of-the-Forest, and Storm Wind.

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