Heart-of-the-Forest is one of the Caldari spirits.

Heart-of-the-Forest is the spirit of the mighty kresh trees, of things that are green and growing. The Winds protect her, but often they bring a temporary pain to her to spare a greater suffering. She is the great provider for the Caldari, her wood builds and heats their homes, her game fills their bellies and clothes their skin, and her leaves and branches hide them from their enemies. She also uses her resources wisely; everything in the forest serves a purpose, however small. Heart-of-the-Forest is perhaps the best known teacher among the spirits, aside from Cold Wind, although she rarely tells anyone anything directly, preferring to teach by example. She is prominent in Caldari beliefs about the home and hearth, and part of the reason Caldari tend to prefer wood in their buildings, especially homes.

Other divine entities include Wind-of-the-West, Cold Wind, Mountain Wind, and Storm Wind.

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