Cold Wind

Cold Wind is a divine force among the Caldari and a guiding force for its tribesmen, described as "the first of the Winds to blow among the Kaalakiota Peaks and the one that loves things that grow strong."

Cold Wind is seen as first of the Winds, the parent of all others; all the Winds have their domains, but for Cold Wind he is everywhere. Cold Wind is all the frosty air of Caldari Prime personified, the crisp, clear air with a gentle morning breeze of a Caldari winter and the punishing gales sweeping off the glaciers with the force to blow small villages right off the map. All other Winds look up to him, and work with him to shape the Caldari. To the Caldari, he was always near to them and he was the one breathed the seeds of knowledge to their ancestors. He welcomed them when they first came to the world and told them the stories of its creation. Of all the spirits, he is the closest to the Maker's will, and his love for the worthy and disappointment with the unworthy is unmatched.

Other divine entities include Wind-of-the-West, Mountain Wind, Heart-of-the-Forest, and Storm Wind.

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