Leonalle Yvesk

Leonalle Yvesk is the Planetary Administrator of Chesiette Prime. It took him 50 years to climb to his position, though because Federation politics are so efficient, he is viewed more as a middle manager than a frontier diplomat. His assistant, Colasa, is a younger Gallente woman.

Capsuleer dealings

Leonalle normally finds Colasa's meek attitude pleasing, but it tends to annoy him on the days he is to meet with capsuleers.

On one occasion that capsuleer turned out to be Omvistus, whose corporation had plans to develop the planet for their own use. Though Leonalle noted the planet could not adequately perform all the tasks Omvistus demanded, Omvistus deployed his own industrial sectors and spaceports, giving Leonalle little time to evacuate populated areas the new facilities will arrive at. When he attempted to refuse the capsuleer, Omvistus targeted his office from space and threatened to destroy a two kilometer radius around it. Leonalle backed down following the threat and listened passively to Omvistus' demands.

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