Colasa Valour

Colasa Valour (born YC87) is the personal secretary of Chesiette Prime planetary administrator Leonalle Yvesk. She is a demure, submissive Gallente woman, who is competent at her job and assists Yvesk in a variety of administrative tasks.


Colasa was born on Chesiette Prime. Her father was a teacher and her mother worked in a factory. She had an unremarkable upbringing. She attended a local college and graduated with a degree in Public Administration. She soon received work as a secretary for a low-ranking government official. She bounced around from official to official for several years, until she caught the eye of Leonalle Yvesk.

Yvesk found her polite, but submissive, qualities he appreciated in a personal secretary. Her physical attractiveness was a bonus, so Yvesk quickly offered her a job, which she accepted.

Encounter with Omvistus

During the capsuleer Omvistus' meeting with Yvesk about his corporation's interest in developing the planet, Colasa served as the communications technician. She worked at a holographic interface and connected the capsuleer's communication's channel with the planet's. When Omvistus deployed the factories and space ports, she hurriedly issued evacuation orders to those settlements in the way.

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