Chesiette Prime

Chesiette Prime is a temperate planet in the Chesiette system. It is a thriving world with over a billion inhabitants.

Political status

As it lies on the border between Gallente and Amarr space, it is theoretically an important world, but in reality has served little function. It was once under CONCORD protection, but apparently this is no longer the case, or at least is no longer a deterrent to capsuleer assault. Its administrator is Leonalle Yvesk.

Capsuleer interest

The planet contains carbon compounds under its southern continents. Interested in exploring these, the capsuleer Omvistus's corporation deployed several mining facilities and 72 new spaceports on the planet. Despite opposition from planetside forces - the facilities were placed in populated areas - Omvistus was able to threaten Yvesk with orbital bombardment in order to get his way.

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