Uriam Kador

The Amarr Royal Heir Uriam Kador, one of the notable Amarr, was one of the heirs to the Imperial throne and formerly the head of the Kador Family.

Uriam personified all the traits that the Kadors hold so dear: his tall, splendidly proportioned body gave him a majestic aura of grandeur, his keen intellect made him a master of oratory and rhetoric, and his refined manners inspired loyalty and respect. Uriam was a true leader of men, but his ambitions seemed not to be in the realm of power and rule, but rather the realms of the mind.

A noted philosopher and poet, Uriam's view on life was a very cosmopolitan one. While not a true liberal or humanitarian, he was still positively enlightened compared to most of his fellow Holders. He held various high-level posts within the empire, which have gave him a thorough insight into every aspect of Amarr society. He made effortes to modernize Kador's stale, regimented educational system, as well as streamlining the entangled, cumbersome trade laws of the Kador realm.

The only taints on his otherwise excellent career were his not-so-well hidden relationship with a Gallente woman of high stature, and his decision to invade Gallente space in late YC110.