Hastar Jibril

Hastar Jibril is the current serving Grand Admiral of the Ammatar Fleet. A True Amarr, he was assigned to the post in YC111 by Yonis Ardishapur, shortly after Ardishapur was given command of the Ammatar Mandate. Prior to this post, he was the head of the Ardishapur Family fleet and served in the Imperial Navy. He is highly regarded by his peers and put forth several popular reforms within the Ammatar Fleet. Early Life

Jibril was born to a minor Holder family in YC33 on the planet Gid IV. As the much younger second child of the family, Hastar was not groomed to take over the title of Holder following his mother's death. Instead, he was tutored toward a potential career as a judicial advocate, a path his father had followed.

However, Hastar showed little inclination for Scriptural law despite his father's pushes. Forbidding her son from taking on any lowly position such as a merchant or artisan, Lady Jibril left Hastar few other options for his vocation. He had no wish to marry off to another Holder family simply to claim a dowry and found studies for the priesthood to be too similar to those of advocacy.

Finally, he decided to join the Imperial Navy.

Hastar joined the Imperial Academy in YC58. He had an unremarkable time at the academy and graduated in YC62 with the rank of ensign. He was immediately assigned to the Apocalypse-class battleship Scourge of Damius. He served on board the ship with distinction, primarily in border-defense missions against Minmatar freedom fighters, earning relatively swift promotions to lieutenant by YC64 and lieutenant commander by YC69.

However, his career stalled at lieutenant commander. At first, older more experienced officers were promoted ahead of him, but due to a relatively quiet period within the Navy, few new positions opened up. By the time new posts appeared, Hastar was viewed as having stalled too long to properly rise to the challenge of further promotion. He languished at the rank for over a decade.

Ardishapur Fleet

Frustrated, Hastar was on the verge of leaving military life entirely when he was contacted by an old family friend who served with the Ardishapur Family Fleet. The friend, at the time a Rear Admiral with the Ardishapur Fleet, had followed Hastar's career and noticed the cessation of his upward mobility. The friend offered Jibril the opportunity to transfer to the Ardishapur Fleet while retaining the same rank.

Hastar jumped at the chance and immediately tendered his resignation to the Imperial Navy. He joined the Ardishapur Family Fleet shortly after, being appointed to the Omen-class cruiser Idonis's Purgative. The ship served primarily on the borders of the Ardishapur domains, combating various Blood Raider incursions and fighting off Minmatar terrorists, as well as dealing with other, unrelated pirate entities.

Once again proving himself highly capable, he quickly moved up the ranks of the Ardishapur Fleet, being given command of his own cruiser, the Maller-class Uri's Hand, in YC76. He notably fought in the Battle of Yuhelia in YC79, a major engagement against Minmatar freedom fighters which at the time was one of the largest battles fought inside the Empire's borders since the end of the Minmatar Rebellion.

He was made Rear Admiral in YC84 and Vice Admiral in YC95. Areas under his direct command saw a marked decrease in pirate incursions and slave escapes related to freedom fighters. The officers he recommended for promotion routinely won acclaim from their superiors.

Following the death of Idonis Ardishapur following the Succession Trials in YC105, Yonis Ardishapur personally promoted him to the rank of Admiral, giving him command over the Lower Fleet, which patrolled the more dangerous areas of the Ardishapur domains.

Ammatar Fleet

In November YC110, Empress Jamyl I granted vassalage of the Ammatar Mandate to the Ardishapur Family. Immediately, Yonis Ardishapur began the process of reorganizing and rebuilding the war-ravaged Mandate. One of his earliest acts was in February YC111, when he ordered the arrest of Grand Admiral Einkur Aro, the head of the Ammatar Fleet, on a variety of charges relating to the Elder Invasion.

Soon after, Yonis appointed Hastar to the position of Grand Admiral of the Ammatar Fleet, as well as merging the Lower Fleet with the remains of the Ammatar Fleet. The appointment was well received by Imperial military insiders, who knew of Hastar's sterling track record. One of Jibril's first acts as Grand Admiral was to issue promotions throughout the Fleet, particularly to those of Ammatar birth, in an effort to reinvigorate and restock the decimated Fleet leadership.

He further oversaw the rebuilding of Ammatar shipyards, returning five shipyards surrounding the fleet headquarters of Sasta to full operational status within six months. As part of the refitting of the fleet, he authorized the development and deployment of the "Yonis variant" Abaddon-class battleship as well. The first such ship was launched in October of YC111. The Abaddon was used extensively in border patrols, particularly with the 5th Derelik Border Security Taskforce.

Additionally, Jibril ordered the creation of several "penal regiments" within the Fleet. These regiments would draw from men and women who had been dishonored during the Elder Fleet invasion, either by dereliction of duties or attempting to defect to the Minmatar Republic. The offer was extended as an opportunity to avoid enslavement for the convicted and their families. A brigade, composed of three of these regiments, was sent to assist the 24th Imperial Crusade in late October.

Since that time, Hastar has continued to serve as Grand Admiral of the Ammatar Fleet, maintaining the fleet as one of the best-drilled and well-organized militaries in New Eden.