Hangars, or starship docking facilities, are present on all space stations.


Hangar ingress/egress can be reached in station via lifts. Access to these areas is controlled through various means, including use of IDImplants and datapads. A security code is required at the end of the corridor immediately preceding entry to the hangar itself, entered on a keypad next to the door.

Architecture and setup

The hangar space containing the suspended ship is cylindrical in shape and pressurized. Capsules can be stored outside the docked ship at a landing at the base of a set of stairs. Hangars also contain panels which provide hangar and capsule control to authorized users and allow access to local corporation information. Among other tasks, corporation members are able to use these panels to transfer ISK between accounts, including to or from the corporation's wallet.

Working conditions

Typically, many station workers are employed in the docks and it is considered harsh labor.

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