Stations And Orbitals Technology

Station and orbital technology has very human divisions. It's not a question of what purpose the entire orbital serves so much as who lives on it and what they do. Capsuleers have their own sections to themselves onboard stations, and of course those sections are maintained using the highest level of technology and comfort available. There also exists technology that powers living quarters for the rest of the human populace (both on stations and in various other orbitals, often of lesser quality and heightened danger of life), along with tech that involves the actual operation of those same stations and the docking of ships therein.


Ship hangars are at one and the same time the most vital aspect of any interstellar operation and the most culturally neglected one. Nothing of any note ever happens in a hangar except the peaceful anchoring of massive vessels, the constant flow of people back and forth, and perhaps the occasional violent explosion.

  • Hangars are a critical part of starship maintenance.
  • Hangar berths are an absolute necessity for these harbors of the skies.

Capsuleer Areas

There is nothing so grand and expensive as the lives of capsuleer, though great effort is exerted to keep these areas at least somewhat in tune to the experience of normal human beings. Capsuleer like being able to walk into bars and order drinks as much as anyone else. If the drinks cost the equivalent of small planetary continental GDPs, it is is a small and mildly embarrassing price to pay for the convenience of normality.

Non-Capsuleer Living Areas

There are, of course, other people than capsuleers onboard space stations. If there weren't, the capsuleers would have to do all the work themselves, a situation that would be fairly amusing, volatile, and brief.

Administration and Operation

Stations are immensely complicated creations, nothing less than cities in flight. Their operation, administration and general upkeep requires the cooperative assistance of countless people whose names, alas, are destined to be lost to history so long as nothing remarkable happens on their shift. But at least they have been given a life for the stars, which is more than most dreamers through the ages were ever allowed.

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