The datapad (or holopad) is the standard all-in-one device for managing communications, finances, and personal computing.


Daily consumer transactions between two entities take place by bringing two of the devices close to each other and specifying the amount. Datapads have the ability to be used for signing contracts and taking tests.


The datapad is capable of interfacing with the standardized communication protocol of the era and using any local network to send and receive information. All datapad devices are capable of communicating with each other on this network.


Datapads are bioencrypted. As such, they can be used to establish contracts between individuals using a recognized identification method, such as thumbprints combined with the use of an "IDImplant." The datapad itself may be transferred or disposed of without affecting the validity of the contract. Datapads can be used as passes to areas on a station, such as the docks.

Other functions

Datapads have various functions that include video and image viewing, and programmability to emit sounds and buzzes (as a form of alarm clock).

Known special editions

A holopad was given by Cherall to Fimiris. This pad was thin, contained his likeness and could be animated to show Cherall's Dr. Adad character juggling. He was also able to sign it.

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