Jirai Laitanen

Jirai Laitanen, better known by his nickname "Fatal", was a member of the Caldari Navy 37th (Octopus) Squadron and later went on to found the notorious pirate group the Guristas with Korako Kosakami - "The Rabbit".

Caldari Career

Laitanen was a shrewd and gifted captain, with a glib tongue and charismatic smile. Many expected him to reach a position of authority in the end. But he was also vain and greedy; traits that led to his eventual desertion. Kosakami was much more introvert than his friend Laitanen, but he had a brilliant mind and was a technical wizard.

Formation of the Guristas

A decade ago, Laitanen was passed over for promotion and Kosakami was blamed for a lethal crash landing, all within the space of one week.They stole a couple of Condor-class frigates, the same they still use today, and set off to a pirate-infested sector between Caldari and Gallente space, deserting from the Caldari Navy and eventually founding the Guristas - an amalgamation of two Caldari words meaning 'naughty people' and also a slang term for 'gang'.


At some point in their career, Fatal and the Rabbit masterminded and carried out a kidnapping of the Gallente Federation ambassador in the Caldari State - Luecin Rileau. This has granted them great fame.

Apparent Demise

During an engagement with capsuleers, Fatal was podkilled. Due to an inferior clone, he reawoke with memory loss and was later apparently ousted from the Guristas. His current whereabouts and situation are unknown.

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