Yosif Veaulore

Yosif Veaulore is a Mannar businessman and the founder of Lost Stars, Inc. He is divorced from his now-deceased wife, Verine, and has a son, Perime.

After Verine died as a crew member of a capsuleer ship, Perime approached Yosif with the idea of founding Lost Stars, Inc, as a corpse recovery company. Yosif agreed out of pity, but the business prospered, quickly growing to include numerous ships. When Perime later committed several crimes, Yosif helped him hide under an assumed identity on board one of the retrieval ships.

Once the company had grown large enough, Quafe Company bought it out - something Perime did not like, though Yosif was quite happy with the deal. As the months passed, however, Yosif grew disenchanted with the direction the company was taking under Gehyr Aillon's leadership. He believed Quafe had moved the company away from helping people recover loved ones to simply a biomass collection service. He also found himself being locked out of the business by Aillon. During this time, he lost contact with his son and was unable to reestablish it. In the end, Aillon framed him for the Quafe+ fiasco.

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