Perime Veaulore

Perime Veaulore, known also as Eamom Delviour, is the son of Yosif and Verine Veaulore. After his mother's death, Perime approached his father about founding Lost Stars, Inc, a recovery company for the interstellar deceased, so that what happened to their mother's corpse would not happen to others.

Some time after founding the company, Perime developed psychological problems. He committed assault, engaged in unlawful harvesting of biomass, and apparently even performed necrophilia. His father helped him escape under an assumed name and he began serving on one of Lost Stars, Inc's biomass recovery ships. There, he was able to save the corpses of several women, and used them for his own perversities. Eventually, he was exposed and arrested by Quafe security, though in hopes of avoiding negative publicity, they did not present the crimes to the government . He was tied to the Quafe+ fiasco along with his father.

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