Gehyr Aillon

Gehyr Aillon was an executive with Quafe Enterprises who was behind the ill-fated Quafe+ project. He was born to a family of miners in a deep-cavern mining community on Mannar. Both of his parents were killed in a deep-core explosion when Aillon was eight years old. He lived with relatives and family friends throughout Mannar until he turned eighteen.

Though impoverished throughout his childhood, he had a natural talent for learning and and eloquence beyond his years. When he was of age, he attended the University of Caille on a full scholarship. Graduating at the top of his class with a degree in Marketing, he entered the Federation's corporate world in a blaze, founding several small companies and turning them into instant successes. Some of the corporations folded shortly after Aillon left them, but a few still remain as part of Quafe Enterprise's conglomeration.

Three years ago, Aillon became the youngest project lead in the history of the Quafe Company at the age of 31. Aillon was the initiator of the Quafe+ project. In order to secure enough biomass for the flavoring agent, he had Quafe purchase Lost Stars, Inc. Aillon hoped to keep the true source of the biomass secret, but was revealed by Perime Veaulore. However, he managed to pin the blame on Yosif Veaulore and managed to escape reprisal.

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