Video Broadcasting Technology

Modern video broadcasting technology comes in all shapes and sizes in New Eden.

Holographic Displays

The game of Mind Clash, at least when played at major arenas, uses holographic displays to project the digital illusions the players make battle with.

Flat displays


Regular flat displays are also available. These are visible onboard stations.

Interstellar business broadcasts

Vidscreens are used for communication between capsuleers and planetary or station personnel, though only with the latter group. One notable example was between Omvistus, a capsuleer, and Leonalle Yvesk, a Planetary Administrator. Yvesk's vidscreen was the size of an entire wall, and Omvistus was able to project onto it whatever image he liked as an avatar of himself.


Huge screens also dot the arenas where Mind Clash duels are held, broadcasting images and information to the audience. These consist mainly of things like close-ups of contestants or detailed data-charts on the status of their mental and bodily state.

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