Sispur Kreal

Sispur Kreal is a Minmatar boy and a former inhabitant of A'Beef, where he was raised from birth. During his stay there he was like a younger brother to his friends Arbjan Haede and Bryd Krooear.

Sispur suspected that the many tests used to determine selection of servants for Royal Amarr Houses were all fake and that the selection process was an actual lottery. When both Arbjan and Bryd were selected, he is separated from his friends and becomes a loner, shirking his duties and frequently going exploring the colony and its many empty rooms.

One day shortly after he came across Bryd, lying beaten in a cubby hole. Bryd explained that he and Arbjan had been forced into unofficial gangs representing each House and made to fight one another. Rather than fight his friend, Bryd fled, and had eventually been beaten before managing to escape a second time. Bryd then told Sispur that the latter had been chosen to serve Chamberlain Karsoth. Sispur subsequently left his friend and was given a wide berth by the other children, before being taken away to his fate by the guards.

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