Silat Enfour

Silat Enfour is the capsuleer captain of the battleship Arc of Defiance. He has been cloning several times and has never gotten used to the near-death experience, which he describes as a fear-tinged hyperspeed dream. At one point he had to deal with a traitor among his crew.


Enfour is rarely seen by his crew. He runs a very strict ship and vets his crew extensively, running background and drug checks on all of them before he allows them aboard. Additionally, he monitors them while on board and tests their urine for drug use.


Initial assault

At one point Enfour attacked a Guristas mining colony, destroyed the guards, the colony's defense turrets, and their military cache, and looted them. Additionally, he destroyed the colony with all its civilians, despite it having nothing of value for him. This action drew the ire of Parien, a crew member who participated in reloading the weapons during the massacre, who began to plot revenge.

Ship sabotage

Parien enacted his revenge later, during an attack on a group of Guristas inhabiting some ruins. In the midst of the fight, the ship's guns failed to reload and the drones malfunctioned, leaving the ship defenseless. It was eventually destroyed and, though Enfour's capsule escaped, he was podded two jumps later by people with a grudge against him.

Because many of the ship's crew escape pods failed, Enfour began to suspect sabotage and launched an investigation into his surviving crew. He discovered a message sent by Parien to the Guristas and dug deeper, revealing payments made from the pirates to the crew member. Enfour then had Parien, who was in critical condition, hooked to life support that could double as a torture device, and interrogated him as to the how and the why.

Confrontation with Parien

Thanks to the strictness of Enfour's crew selection and subsequent monitoring, Enfour was able to see through Parien's lies and was disgusted to learn he had sabotaged the escape pods in an effort to kill all those who assisted in the deaths of the colonists without any reservations or remorse. Rather than kill Parien himself, Enfour informed a surviving crew head of the treachery, then gave Parien the chance to run, as he figured the crew would inflict a more horrible punishment than Enfour could.

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