Parien was a crew member who served onboard the Arc of Defiance, a battleship captained by Silat Enfour.

Crisis of conscience

Attack on Guristas

Parien was serving in the ship's reloading bay at the time the Arc attacked a Guristas mining colony. Once the pirate defenders were destroyed, the capsuleer turned the weapons on the mining facility, which was full of civilians.

Following this attack, Parien became disgusted with his role in the slaughter and the lackadaisical attitude his fellow crew took. He also grew to hate Enfour, whom he had never seen, for his cold actions. He eventually contacted the Guristas to send them an apology for what he had participated in, and resolved to seek revenge on all those responsible.


When the Arc went to attack Guristas who were protecting some ruins, Parien sabotaged the weapons reloading by damaging shells so the guns jammed, sent the ship's drones off to attack random ships and be destroyed, and damaged the escape pods in the core of the ship, where the combat operations were performed, so that the majority of them disintegrated when the ship was destroyed.

Parien had expected to die as well, but his own escape pod survived. He was seriously injured, but Enfour, suspecting sabotage, kept him alive in a secure location while he traced the accounts of all the surviving crew.

Aftermath and death

Once Enfour had discovered Parien's link to the Guristas, he used a machine that could inject pain-inducing chemicals and tortured the truth out of Parien. Parien attempted to lie and claim the whole thing had been a drug-related accident, but Enfour revealed he ran frequent and secret drug testing on his ship, and thus knew Parien was lying.

At last, Parien admitted to the truth, then expressed his disgust at the captain and wished he was strong and brave enough to kill him. Rather than kill him, Enfour contacted one of the surviving crew heads, implying that the survivors would gather to take their revenge on Parien themselves.

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