The sefrim (singular form sef) are a possibly-mythological race of beings that visited the Amarr people more than 6000 years ago.


They are described as tall and angelically beautiful. They wore white and amber robes and masks of gold and silver to protect the people from being struck dead by the sight of them. The sefrim are mainly described in Chapter I of the Epitoth in the Scriptures, and have fascinated scholars for centuries.


They gave Emperor Amash-Akura the Ametat and Avetat. They dwelled in a building made of marble, stayed by the Emperor's side during the day, and guarded him while he slept. During their presence, the Empire suffered no disasters.

Departure from Amarr

Molok the Deceiver turned the people against them, so Amash-Akura cast them out. With them gone, Amash-Akura rapidly aged.

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