Sanmatar is a traditional title given to the leader of the Minmatar. It means "true Matar". The title was left unfilled for generations, until Maleatu Shakor reinstated it.

While not the official head of state within the republic, the Sanmatar carries out several functions that normally apply in states where an individual is head of state. In addition, in situations where the whole council cannot or will not attend in its entirety, the Sanmatar acts as the recognized head of state. As the council rarely meets outside of council meetings this, in effect, means for much of the time the Sanmatar is the visible and de facto head of state for the Minmatar Republic.

Once every two years a Tribal Assembly is held to choose a Sanmatar (an old Minmatar title of leadership literally translated as “true Matar”). The Sanmatar presides over all Tribal Council meetings, acting as a mediator, but carrying no vote in council decisions. The Sanmatar’s sole official power is the ability to declare an emergency, during which period he is granted complete executive control. However, the Tribal Council can vote by simple majority to end the emergency at any time, and when they do so, the Sanmatar is removed from office, unless the council votes by two-thirds majority to retain the current Sanmatar.

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