Maleatu Shakor

Maleatu Shakor, current leader of the Minmatar Republic, is the descendant of a Defiant, a group of Brutors active during the Rebellion.

Like many of the Defiants descendants, he suffers a common genetic eye disease similar to glaucoma. While easily repaired, some, including Maleatu, let the disease go untreated either in deference to the sacrifice their ancestors made, or as a gesture of respect.

As a young squadron commander he showed tactical brilliance, devising the Shakor's spiral formation. He led raids in Ammatar space before moving his operations to a secret base in the Great Wildlands. He was ambushed by the Amarr Royal Guard who killed all of his men and would have killed him as well if not for the Jove who rescued him, held him two years, and returned him a changed, calmer man.

Maleatu later became the leader of the Republic, abolishing Parliament and reinstituting the title of Sanmatar.

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