Prisoner 47

Prisoner 47 is an Amarr commoner imprisoned on a secret Minmatar prison colony. In his time there he has passed from desperation and exhaustion to enlightenment and fearlessness.


The Prisoner had been captured by the Minmatar and tried in secret military courts. He was deemed a threat to Minmatar freedom, so he was transported to a secret prison on an unknown planet. The first day he arrived, he witnessed a guard kill a new prisoner for no reason. He suffered along with the rest of the prisoners in the guards' sadistic games, though he did not hate the guards because he viewed them as a force of nature rather than human. He did, however, come to hate certain other prisoners - who he likened to ghosts - once he discovered they were utterly indifferent to the guards' brutality and seemed to be spared any repercussions of the games.


His faith shaken by these ghosts, he began seeking answers. 47 brutally attacked one of the chosen prisoners with a plate and, before he was beaten by the guards, heard the man mention something about a "king." After recuperating from the beating, he assaulted more of the indifferent prisoners until one told him the King was in the jungle. Though he did not know if the King was even a person and had no directions, he fled into the jungle to seek him.


After several days of an increasingly difficult and ragged search, he at last found the King, who turned out to be an Amarr hermit living in a shack in the midst of a large, dangerous swamp.

The King fed him, explained how the prison got supplies, and revealed to him that those who were given "faith" by the King were spared by the guards. Prisoner 47, long since pushed past his breaking point, readily agreed to embrace the chaos of the camp and become one of the prisoners he had previously hated. As he left the King, he encountered a wild slaver hound, which growled at him but otherwise left him unharmed. Rather than be frightened by it, he found kinship with the beast.

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