Slaver Hound

Slaver hounds are creatures native to Syrikos V. They are sometimes referred to as slave-dogs and were previously known as droolers.

The slaver has been bred by the Amarr for nearly a millennium. It is a large quadruped with elongated feet and a slender, fur-covered body. A fully grown specimen measures a meter tall from the soles of its front legs to its shoulders. It has a massive teeth and jaws. It constantly slobbers in anticipation of chewing on something, which led to its prior name. Slavers can run very fast and jump great distances. A common hunting tactic is to drop from a tree or simply leap through the air onto prey. Slavers are vicious and blood thirsty predators, but they can be trained as cubs. They have been adopted by the Amarr Empire as a method of slave control on many plantations, mining facilities, and industrial factories. They are allowed to roam free outside plantation fences and are quick to smell or see any escaped slaves. Recently, they have become fashionable as pets for wealthy Amarr.

Slaver hounds can be trained to follow particular individuals around to protect them. They have somewhat advanced learning capabilities, as they can understand at least enough to understand commands such as “go back to the house”. They also seem capable of anticipating danger and can ignore commands that will endanger their masters.

Slavers tend to go berserk when they are frustrated. A slaver trapped somewhere, such as in a researcher's labyrinth, may throw itself against the wall repeatedly when stuck.

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