Sansha Kuvakei

Now infamous as the leader of one of the most feared factions in New Eden, Sansha Kuvakei was once merely a wealthy Caldari industrial mogul whose family had made its fortune in armament manufacturing during the Gallente-Caldari War.

He considered the empires to be narrow-minded and primitive while seeing himself as a visionary with the answer to mankind's problems and so when the empires began endorsing free-for-all colonization shortly after first contact Sansha saw it as an ideal vehicle for unfettered technological research and military conquest and acquired a sizable chunk of the systems available to the public. This grew to a domain extending over several systems, with smaller pockets scattered around the known world, and later a small empire spanning multiple regions.

Birth of a Nation

He used his charm, growing fame, and wealth to create an image of himself as a new messiah and his domain as the Promised Land and countless millions of followers were eventually attracted to Sansha's dream of a better way, a new Paradise where every citizen was free to pursue their dreams.

Sansha Kuvakei had built up a dynamic empire with a glorious fleet hailed as the perfect utopian state and the marvel of the world. But this was just part of his dreams fulfillment. Deep in his secret facilities in the heart of Stain, Sansha had melded man and machine to create unquestioning cybernetic slaves who he intended to serve as soldiers in the coming war. His dream was that these zombie-like True Slaves would free other more worthy people to pursue peaceful and productive lives. Sansha believed his actions were for the benefit of mankind and while it is unknown at what point during his empires growth the first True Slaves were created it is known that only at this point did he announced the birth of his Sansha's Nation.

When the existence of Sansha's experiments became public knowledge the Nation lost most of its inhabitants, but while only the fanatical True Citizens and True Slaves remained it was during this time that it reached the height of its power.

Gathering Storm

Reactions beyond his domain were immediate and intense both among the peoples of New Eden and their governments. Seeing his ethical transgressions and the military threat his Nation had concealed the empires condemned Sansha who not only refused to cease using and producing True Slaves but started even more advanced projects on the same theme. Sansha and his people believed themselves safe, anticipating that the legions of True Slaves in Stain would remain an impenetrable shield that none could pass. But what they hadn't counted on was that the empires, with the Gallente Federation at the forefront, would set aside their differences and establish the first (and to this date last) Alliance of Empires to bring his nation down.

When hostilities began Sansha turned his True Slaves on everyone within his domain that was not of the Nation and while those left held out for some months the forces arrayed against Sansha's Nation were too great to defeat and his empire crumbled. His forces were scattered to the wind and all his factories and space installations were destroyed and it is believed Sansha himself was killed during the final assault on his stronghold.

A Nation in Ruins

While Sansha's legacy lived on in the form of the survivors of his Nation, there are those who claim that Sansha is not dead, that before he died he hid a number of clones of himself in secret locations the empires never discovered. What is known is that Sansha's corpse was never found. Considering the rebuilding of the Nation, the organization of its members, and the advancement of it's technologies it seems evident that someone or something is guiding the Nation. Even among the True Slaves rumors persist that the "Master" is not gone.

The Dream Lives

A recent resurgence of Sansha's Nation with raids into high security space with the apparent objective of large scale civilian abductions and interactions on Galnet by a man claiming to be Kuvakei has resulted in much speculation. It is unclear at this time if "Master Kuvakei" is Sansha, a clone or somebody else taking on his name and persona. What is clear is the ideas and mission of Kuvakei live on and remain a very grave threat to New Eden.

True Sansha combat fleets of carriers and supercarriers have been seen raiding planets, kidnapping citizens of all four empires for some unknown purpose.