Monk Dubois

Monk Dubois is an individual of questionable character often involved in shady encounters and back-handed double-deals usually involving theft of corporation wealth. He was once a member of Mordu's Legion. Despite his experience and ability to adapt to nearly any situation, Monk is haunted by vagaries of his nervous system, including a sweaty upper lip, rogue twitches, and freak stutters which betray introspection regarding the morality of the actions he takes. On more than one occasion this flaw in his facade has nearly ruined deals and sent him scrambling for his life. He flies a frigate called "Bad Ike's Rumour".

Monk was contacted by the Broker during an attempt to steal funds from a corporation. Much to his bewilderment, the Broker foiled Monk's original plans, arranging instead for his capture by the corporation yet also ensuring he would later be able to escape. Monk only realized the man who interrupted him was the Broker when he caught sight of the man's name tag, which read "N LEUTRE", or Niques Leutre, also known as Aeron Assis.

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