Microblade Scythe

Microblade scythes are crude tools made of wood, leaves, and stone, still used in many parts of the Amarr Empire to harvest wheat.

Historical Background

Microblade technology is a more recent development of a stone-age innovation, one that has fallen out of use almost everywhere except on the wheat plantations of the Amarr Empire. Discovered independently by a variety of people, its use died out almost everywhere. Only the Starkmanir continued to use this technology up to modern times, specifically to form clearings in the thick jungles of Starkman Prime. Its use was readapted for wheat harvesting by the Amarr, and proved more economical than previous tools, as they were cheap and easy to make. It has been the preferred tool for harvesting wheat throughout the Empire ever since.


Microblade scythes have a slightly down-curved blade, approximately 24 centimeters long, and six centimeters wide, usually fashioned from silica-rich stone. The handles are typically wood, though some ornamental scythes have handles made from bone. Usually about a meter in length, these handles are often wrapped with leaves near the top and bottom for a more comfortable grip.

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