Wheat is one of a handful of grain types that seem to have developed on various planets. Though the straw wheat produces can be used as a construction material, such as thatching in roofs, it has traditionally been used as a food product for both livestock and humans.

Historical Background

Traditionally, the Amarr have been the largest producers of wheat, with vast plantations devoted to the crop. It has always been a staple crop of the Caldari as well, and in recent decades, the work of State agricultural geneticists has led to the Caldari overtaking the Amarr in wheat sales, despite maintaining lower production tonnage. This strain of genetically-altered wheat has quickly spread beyond the State's borders, as demand for it increases, both as a seed and as a grain.

While the Amarr wheat industry suffered heavy losses, both the Gallente and Minmatar are increasingly following the Caldari methods of genetically altering strains of wheat for localized growing conditions. The Amarr have banned imported wheat, and their industry's steadfast refusal to genetically alter their crop in any way has opened a niche that has seen them recover some of their market share in recent years.


Most varieties of wheat require between 70-150 growing days between planting and harvesting, depending on the strain, climate, and methods used. While most of the empires employ mechanical harvesters, wheat is still harvested by hand on most Amarr plantations, using microblade scythes. The harvested wheat is then sent on to mills, where it is separated from the outer husk, or bran, and ground into flour, or simply cracked and sent on to food suppliers for consumption.



While it is still planted as a foraging food for livestock in some areas, it is most typically harvested, separated into bran and germ, and then ground into flour. It can also be cracked or cut, and steamed, and served as a type of porridge. The flour and the bran are typically used in baking, though the flour can also be used to make noodles.


Some strains of wheat can also be ground, germinated, and fermented to create malt for alcoholic beverages, and wheat ales enjoy some popularity within the Amarr Empire, and the Caldari State.

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