Kestor Thevistos

Kestor Thevistos, a Minmatar of Sebiestor heritage, is the Chief Gravometrics Engineer for Project Skymother at Core Complexion.


Kestor was born on Matar and lived in a pidouk until early adulthood with his father Ziather and sister Cliemne. His youth was somewhat tumultuous, as Kestor had trouble behaving in school and would often argue with his father. Their conflicts generally centered on Kestor’s grandfather, who raised Ziather to follow the Amarr faith even after being freed from slavery. Kestor took issue with Ziather comparing him to his grandfather, suggesting they were alike, as well as Ziather’s insistence that Kestor was throwing away his talents by spending time with “worthless friends”.

It wasn’t until Kestor met Dr. Chieran Kenitawri that he revised his outlook on life. The scientist’s friendship and advice inspired the young man to take his studies at the Republic University seriously. Chieran quickly gained sufficient confidence in Kestor to bring him into Project Skymother as an intern. This experience allowed Kestor to finish his program early and graduate in YC112 with a degree in gravitational physics. Chieran immediately had Kestor hired as Chief Gravometrics Engineer of the project.

Dropheads Assault

In YC111, while accompanying Cliemne to the Shishaan Center for the Performing Arts, Kestor encountered a couple of Dropheads who had been giving Cliemne a hard time. They were of the opinion she and Kestor were not “local enough” because of Ziather’s religious beliefs. When Kestor told them to back off, the Dropheads assaulted him before running away.

This incident gained significant media and political attention on Matar due to it being a hate crime perpetrated by Minmatar against the son of a former slave. As a result, Kestor was taken to a special Core Complexion hospital to receive top-level medical treatment to ensure his full recovery. By chance, Dr. Chieran Kenitawri was being treated in the room across the hall from Kestor, which allowed the two to meet and develop a friendship.

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