Cliemne Thevistos

Cliemne Thevistos is the daughter of Ziather and sister of Kestor. She aspires to become a dancer with the hope the talent will bring a new quality of life for her, and attends the Shishaan Center for the Performing Arts to pursue this goal.

As a girl, Cliemne had dreams which she then considered nightmares. They consisted of colorless vistas and a cold, gray sky which she would float away in. These dreams would leave her pale and sweating once awake, and consumed by a tremendous sense of loss and terror. Years later, after Cliemne had grown up, the dreams suddenly returned, but this time they were joyful, bright and warm, and filled her with a sense of soaring off to a happier place where she would be welcomed into loving arms, such as those of a mother she had never known. Cliemne's instincts tell her these dreams and her dancing are intricately connected.

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