Kartanen Sedia

Kartanen Sedia was an outpost overseer. He was born on an asteroid colony and spent a good part of his life working on similar places. He eventually grew to dislike living in space and transferred to terrestrial colonies. He maintained exemplary security during his thirty years of services and had a near-perfect record, until it suffered a major blemish during his time as the overseer of Outpost 3478, out near Stain.

Incident at Outpost 3478

Sansha's Nation attacked the outpost and abducted the majority of the crew. Though Sedia was investigated and cleared of wrongdoing, his career was ruined by the incident and he was never able to rise above his lower management position.

Theft at Outpost 4972

He was eventually hired on as the overseer of Outpost 4972, where for three years they extracted minerals that were used in the capsuleer industry. The outpost also had a staff of research scientists who studied the planet's life.

Sedia was responsible for hiring Szekel, a scientist who later stole valuable research. After the theft, Sedia was investigated and interrogated by corporate police. Though he attempted to cooperate, the police eventually resorted to torture. Sedia attempted to pin responsibility on Rakan Dep, a security officer. Following further torture, he confessed to taking a share of the money Szekel had offered for complicity in the theft, then admitted to taking all of the money before returning to claiming he had accepted only a share. The police seemed unable to find further evidence of this, however.

During the torture - when the torture device was momentarily turned off - Sedia berated his torturers, claiming he would report them. He was either killed or viciously injured as a result, as one of the scientists, Jania Bedtot, expressed horror at what had happened to him.

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