Jania Bedtot

Jania Bedtot was an astrobiologist at Outpost 4972. She is married to Phaedan Bedtot and has a daughter, Adara. Jania claims her family is very tight-knit, though there is some implication that she may be estranged from her husband. She has had several articles published in peer-reviewed journals, including from the University of Caille.

Life at Outpost 4972

Jania was a colleague of Szekel, a fellow researcher. When an asteroid landed on the planet and was found to contain archaea that interacted with the metal in the asteroid, she and Szekel began researching it heavily. Rakan Dep believed the two began an affair during their time in the labs. When Szekel absconded with the data, Jania came under investigation by corporate police. Though she denied involvement, she was ruthlessly interrogated. The police eventually turned to torture and Jania expressed extreme distress. She admitted to nothing, but eventually agreed to call her husband to the planet, while begging for her daughter to be left out of the entire event.

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