Rakan Dep

Rakan Dep was the security officer at Outpost 4972 during a notorious theft there.

Suspicion of theft

Rakan frequently visited the nearby settlements and gambled. Because of this gambling, he rarely had much money saved, and when Szekel stole research data from the outpost, Rakan

  • who was in constant need of funds - came under suspicion as a collaborator.


During harsh interrogations, Rakan claimed to have never taken money from people he shouldn't, though he admitted to taking money from people he claimed who should have known better than to gamble, and for acting as an intermediary for people who didn't want to get their hands dirty.

He steadfastly denied any involvement in the theft, even under torture. Instead, he pinned blame on Jania Bedtot, who he suspected was having an affair with Szekel, and he claimed had asked him to delete something from the outpost logs. Rakan refused to break under torture and swore revenge once he got out.

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