Haatakan Oiritsuu

Haatakan Oiritsuu is of Deteis descent. Once the CEO of Kaalakiota Corporation, she was driven into exile some distance from the metropolis of Khyyrth on an unknown planet in the Caldari State. She has a penchant for eccentric gardening involving mutilation and torture of living plants in a vast greenhouse attached to what she terms her 'palace'. She believes one must never lose sight of the beauty in life, and is able to find beauty in the garden she tends. She is also a cunning and patient woman, laying complex plans which may take years to come to fruition, and does not believe in allowing automation or any other outside process to rule her life.

Haatakan grew up in a family environment where everything she said or did was remembered, judged, and later exemplified when warranted. Tending a small garden behind her childhood home was one method she used to cope with this environment, and it was there she made herself a promise to become "super powerful and mega rich, a million times more wealthy than the second-wealthiest man in the world". Once achieved, she planned to then spend the rest of her life in a garden of her own, far away from people, tending to the quietly growing plants. When Haatakan later grew up and became quite powerful and rich, she remembered this promise, and built a great home with an attached greenhouse as far into the middle of the wilderness as she could make it without offending the people of the State.

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