The Deteis are regarded as the face of leadership in Caldari society. Commonly possessed of sharp, ordered minds and articulate tongues, they are mostly found in positions of authority within military and political spheres. Driven by the cultural premise that the good of the whole must come before the needs of the individual, they have made the responsibility of upholding the integrity of the entire Caldari State their own.

Racial Traits

Able to quickly assimilate the essential data of any situation, the male Deteis is a strategic thinker, but is also a stickler for rules and regulations. While somewhat vulnerable to bureaucratic formalities, the Deteis male tends to do everything by the book - but does so to impose order and stability wherever he goes.

Female Deteis tend be composed individuals with a wry sense of humor and a no-nonsense outlook on life. Highly intelligent and ambitious, they are much more receptive to bending the rules than their male counterparts, provided the reason is sufficient justification on behalf of the greater good.


Tube Child

Acutely aware of the small population of the Caldari State versus the sprawling Gallente Federation a generation ago, the Deteis once utilized artificial procreation to increase their population. While this program is no longer sponsored by the State, the Tube Children of today were raised in inhospitable, government-run orphanages. Many are fiercely independent, strong individuals loyal to the Caldari State.


The Deteis beautifully combine efficiency with inventiveness, which makes them superb researchers and scientists. Between these talents and their cultural determination, the Caldari State is leading innovator of bleeding-edge technology.


The Deteis love nothing more than having complete control over their enterprises, especially industrial production. They seek personal mastery of every aspect of the process, all the way from the procurement of raw materials to the manufacturing and marketing of the final goods.

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