Arzad is a solar system. It is home to Arzad II, once known as Starkman Prime and ancestral home of the Starkmanir.

Arzad II

Arzad II was once a hot temperate world, but it underwent disastrous climate changes as the result of orbital bombardment. Once known as Starkman Prime, it was the capital world of the Starkmanir tribe. As a result of intervention by royal Heir Idonis Ardishapur, the planet was declared an Imperial Protectorate (see Khadrea's Law), although the world is not subject to Imperial Law.

Hidden Hope

Hidden Hope (or Vo'shun) is a population center situated within a deep ravine carved into the planet's surface by orbital weapons systems. This is one of the few remaining inhabited places on Arzad II and is perhaps one of the most lawless settlements in the universe.

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