Arrach Sarum

Arrach Sarum is the current Heir-elect of the Sarum Family. A career military officer and strict authoritarian, Arrach commands great respect throughout the Empire's armed forces, and promises to return House Sarum to order.


Arrach was born Abu-Arrach xer Sarum in 5 BYC (124 years ago), son of Alia xer Sarum, former Duchess of Mekhios and head of one of the largest branches of the Sarum Family. Although prestigious, Alia had lost favour within the family by her belligerent opposition to the then Royal Heir Marikh Sarum, patriarch of the Sarum branch from which Jamyl descended. With the Duchy of Mekhios stripped from the xer Sarum branch, and unwilling to endure indignity of being treated like a pariah by the family, Arrach voluntarily left his mother's side at age 14 and joined a Sarum Family military academy.

Due to his unflinching loyalty and diligence, Arrach spend the subsequent decades rapidly climbing the ranks of the armed forces in both the Sarum Family and the Empire. After rising to the rank of Commodore in the Amarr Navy, Arrach took up command of the Sarum 2nd Fleet. He remained a Sarum Admiral for 45 years before retiring at the age of 84. Having earned the respect of Marikh Sarum for his exemplary service, Arrach was granted the Duchy of Mekhios as a member of the paramount branch of the Sarum Family with his mother's history forgotten.

Finding little challenge or entertainment in court politics or the management of his estate, Arrach soon started seeking new careers. Eventually gaining the attention of Chancellor Sakekoo, he was made Tribune of Logistics for the Ministry of War, overseeing the planning and execution of the Amarr Army and Navy's logistics chains. He remained at the Ministry of War until YC 105, resigning shortly after Emperor Heideran VII's decree forbidding the royal houses from maintaining fully-militarized space fleets.

Soon thereafter, Jamyl Sarum appointed Arrach to the newly-created post of "Constable-General of the Police and Border Forces". This political position made Arrach responsible for the nominal restructuring of the Sarum Fleet to comply with the imperial decree, although his actual function was to ensure the continued might of the Sarum military even if it would be organized under a different name and table of organization.

After the coronation of Doriam II and the apparent death of Jamyl Sarum, Arrach was a popular alternative to the young Merimeth for the position of Heir. Although Arrach himself had little interest in pursuing the position, he did frequently voice his displeasure with the house going without an appointed leader. His willingness to criticize the politics of the house as well as his esteemed military career made him a focal figure for those Holders under the Sarum banner who shared his concerns.

Sword of the Blood and Heir Presumptive

Soon after officially being made Heir by Empress Jamyl, Merimeth Sarum assembled an entirely new cabinet of advisors. Merimeth made a point of giving each of his advisors an ancient and traditional title from Sarum history, and most notably the title of "Kilizh e Sani", meaning "Sword of the Blood", was granted to Arrach. In most cases the title has been little but an honorific to indicate a liege's high esteem, but in times when the Sarum lords have gone without direct descendants the title of "Sword of the Blood" has almost always been bestowed on their chosen successor. Though Merimeth himself had not carried the title, he did come to style himself with it during his limbo in Jamyl's absence. The meaning of Arrach acquiring this title was not lost on anyone and he was immediately considered the heir presumptive of House Sarum.

As well as enjoying the prestige of his honorary title, Arrach has spent the past seven years as the Marshal of House Sarum, overseeing not only all of the family's troops and fleets but also the large contingents of Sarum forces that were attached to the Imperial Guard during the reign of Empress Jamyl I.

Royal Heir-Elect

The Sarum Family's paramount branch has confirmed Arrach Sarum as Royal Heir-elect in response to the call of Court Chamberlain Pomik Haromi for all Royal Houses to declare successors to the Royal Heirs contending in the Imperial Succession for YC118.

For the Sarum Family, Arrach represents a return to an older form of the house. He is an embodiment of tradition, military prestige, and meritorious service. Few Holders would ever dream of opposing his rule.