Antar (died YC111) was an Amarr Holder who worked for Court Chamberlain Dochuta Karsoth. Antar had a drug addiction and carried an emergency supply in a golden vial that he kept with him at all times. He had begun his drug use as a way to deal with the stress of working for the Chamberlain, despite it being forbidden. Antar rationalized his drug use as a form of self-punishment.

Antar was in the minority at the court who actually liked Karsoth. When he discovered Antar's drug abuse - thanks to a tip from his rival Lerenge - Karsoth confronted him, to which Antar confessed everything. Contrary to Antar's expectations, Karsoth was pleased with the knowledge. After showing him a private orgy, Karsoth offered him a position as his personal emissary to the Blood Raiders, a position Antar readily accepted.

Antar quickly acclimated to the Blood Raiders. He enjoyed the indulgence in sin and spreading terror and was made into a commander of his own ship. Eventually, he was given orders to trail two Sisters of EVE ships that were headed into Blood Raider space. However, he unexpectedly ran into a caravan guarded by Thukker mercenaries. After making a show of fighting, he ordered his ship to return to trailing the SSoE ship. He was contacted shortly after by Omir Sarikusa, who ordered him to capture Jamyl Sarum's superweapon or destroy it so no one else would have it.

Before he could complete his mission, however, the Thukker mercenaries destroyed the Isogen-5 stockpile with the assistance of some rogue drones. Antar and his crew were instantly vaporized by the explosion.

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