True Amarr

The True Amarr are the direct descendants of an ethnic group that conquered all the civilizations of its home world - are proud and supercilious, with a great sense of tradition and ancestry. They are considered arrogant and tyrannical by most others. The Empire's defeat at the hands of the mysterious Jove, and the Minmatar uprising that followed, left an indelible mark on Amarr culture. This double failure, a turning point in their history, has shaped an entire generation of policy and philosophy among the imperial elite.

Racial Traits

Amarr males tend to be condescending towards those without faith, and possess an unflagging belief in their own superiority. Although a clear hindrance to conducting international business, it still affords them with fortitude and a great sense of purpose. Capable of bringing unwavering focus to bear on issues, they are outstanding planners, and their composure gives them the perseverance to see their plans to fruition.

Amarr females tend to be class-conscious and formal in their dealings with others. Masters of subterfuge and machination, they forgive little and forget nothing. They are natural matriarchs who are fiercely protective of loved ones and obsessed with preserving the integrity of their family name. For the Amarr female, the family bond is sacred and unbreakable, persisting across generations.


Religious Reclaimers

Many Amarr still dream of the glory days of the Empire, when it seemed that no power in the cluster could defy the will of the Empire. They abhor the conciliatory policies of recent regimes, regarding them as weak and counter to everything the Empire has stood for in its magnificent history.

Liberal Holders

Holders, the major landholding class in Amarr society, are generally conservative traditionalists. A few, however, have elected to break ranks with their hidebound and power-hungry peers, instead supporting the modernization of their society's religion and substantial economic reform. Their champion is Catiz Tash-Murkon, the Udorian Royal Heir.

Wealthy Commoners

Some commoners manage to break out of Amarr society's rigid class divisions and carve out an elevated niche for themselves, usually through trade or other mercantile activities. Though they can never attain political office within the empire, they are free to accrue vast amounts of wealth - along with no small measure of power and influence - through interstellar trade.