Amarr Corporations

Amarr Corporations

Corporations in the Amarr Empire are those entities with an Imperial Charter of some kind that gives them certain privileges and duties under Imperial law.

Imperial Government

The Imperial Government consists of various Imperial Offices and Ministries that make up the vast bureaucracy of the largest empire in New Eden.

Amarr Certified News

The official news agency of the Amarr Empire, the only one that is sanctioned to report from the royal court. Though Amarr Certified News lack some of the independence that news agencies in the other empires enjoy, actual cases of censorship are few and far between.

Amarr Civil Service

The Amarr Empire is a bureaucratic juggernaut and the Amarr Civil Service has taken on a life of its own at the center of the vast web of governmental offices and institutions. The civil service is the largest employer within the empire and wields considerable political power through its ability to smother or speed up cases.

Amarr Trade Registry

The Amarr government seeks to control as many aspects of the daily life of its citizens, especially everything that has to do with trade and communication. The Amarr Trade Registry has records of all transactions within Amarr space and also monitors all foreign trades and investment made within the empire.

Civic Court

The temporal arm of the Amarrian justice system, the Civic Court has always acted in the shadow of the Theology Council. The Civic Court has often become a pawn in the political machinations of more powerful entities, though in latter years it has managed to stay relatively independent.

Court Chamberlain

The Court Chamberlain is the right hand of the emperor. Wherever he goes, the power of the emperor goes with him. In the emperor's absence, the Chamberlain is authorized to speak as acting head of the Empire, even on delicate political matters. With the rise of Empress Jamyl I, however, the Court Chamberlain's power has been diminished to little more than that of a mere functionary.

Emperor Family

Once a new emperor has been chosen, all ties to his old royal family are severed and he joins the holy family of the emperors, which owns vast estates throughout the empire and wields considerable political power. Empress Jamyl I, crowned in YC 110, tolerates no interference from her former relations, but is determined to guide her empire to a new golden age of prosperity and enlightenment -- despite them, if necessary.

Imperial Chancellor

The head of the executive branch of the Amarrian administration, the Imperial Chancellor is appointed by the Amarr Emperor and is answerable only to him. Though the Chancellor's authority is mostly confined to the bureaucracy of the empire, he is still considered one of the most powerful individuals within the empire.

Ministry of Assessment

The Ministry of Assessment is responsible for surveying and exploring the solar systems in and near Amarr space, charting lucrative asteroid belts and planets. It is also responsible for monitoring the mining activity in these same areas and organizing the mining operations of Amarrian companies.

Ministry of Internal Order

The Amarr authorities have vast experience in molding their citizens as they want. The Ministry of Internal Order is responsible for hunting down disgruntled elements in the society and eradicating them. Since first contact the Ministry of Internal Order is also responsible for monitoring the activities of foreigners within the Amarr border, especially Minmatar terrorist cells.

Ministry of War

The Ministry of War wields extensive powers within the Amarr Empire through their control of the armed forces. The Ministry of War is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the Amarrian military and space navy, and it also has a great say in the foreign policy of the empire.

Theology Council

The last great vestige of the religious sect that once ruled the empire, the Theology Council has the same role as the supreme court has in other empires. It also acts a moral police and hunter of heretics, which gives it considerable power within the empire, allowing it to investigate, question and even imprison almost anyone at its whim.

Royal Houses

The Royal Houses of the Amarr Empire are the dominant Holder families that provide Royal Heirs who may one day succeed to the Imperial Throne.

Ardishapur Family

The Ardishapur family is the traditionalists of the royal families. They are conservative and champions of the Amarrian religion. Their domain is in many ways backward, but it is stable and secure.

Kador Family

The Kador family symbolizes the grandeur of the empire. The family has had the most emperors elected in the past and to most Amarrians they stand for the strong, majestic empire of the old.

Kor-Azor Family

The Kor-Azor have traditionally been in the middle of Amarrian politics, actively trying to find compromises and peaceful solutions to any problem. Their diplomatic style is favored by the public, but has created many powerful enemies that are biding their time.

Sarum Family

The Sarum family has always been the most belligerent of the royal families, always willing to take up arms whenever required. The family has vested interest in the Amarr military and the armaments industry. They are the only royal family that wants to revive the Reclaiming efforts of old.

Tash-Murkon Family

The Tash-Murkon family was elevated to the status of a royal family following the departure of the Khanid family. The Tash-Murkons are also outsiders because they are of Udorian ancestry, not true Amarrians. Yet through their vast wealth they have managed to buy themselves to the top.

Imperial Military

The Imperial military consists of a variety of forces organized under the authority of Empress Catiz I and the Sword Marshals of the Empire.

Amarr Navy

The Imperial Navy operates under the simple doctrine of applying overwhelming force to any given situation. The Imperial Navy has almost twice as many ships as the next two empire navies put together, though the quality of some of the Amarrian ships are questionable as many of them have not been refitted for decades and are almost obsolete.

Imperial Guard

The personal guard of the ruler of the Amarr Empire are drawn from the finest troops the Imperial military can offer. While its core duties revolve around safeguarding the occupant of the Imperial Throne, the Imperial Guard is a large and very well-equipped body. The Guard can project impressive force across New Eden with fanatical devotion to its orders.

24th Imperial Crusade

It was us who brought civilization to this dark and perilous world, and it is us who uphold it, with compassion, strength and courage. We need you to help us save the Minmatar from themselves. We will help the lost ones find their way, capsuleer, and we will do it with the deathless force only you can wield.

Commercial Organizations

A variety of commercial and industrial concerns have traditionally dominated various sectors of the Amarr Empire's economy. Most of these entities are owned by one or more of the Royal Houses.

Amarr Constructions

A low-profile, conservative construction company that likes to keep out of the lime-light. Amarr Constructions had its heyday when the Amarrians were first entering space and participated in the construction of the first star gates. The innovative side of the company is long gone, though it still retains much of its old power and majesty.

Carthum Conglomerate

The Carthum is a fairly new company that was formed with aid from the Caldari Lai Dai mega corporation, which owns a considerable share in the company. Carthum brought much needed vitality into the stale field of research and development and has been responsible for the respectable hi-tech gadgetry in many recent Amarrian space ships.

Ducia Foundry

One of the few Amarr companies that has ventured outside its borders in search of business opportunities. Ducia Foundry is an energetic mining company that is willing to take chances in their search for rich minerals. The company has been known to send heavily armed mining expeditions deep into the outer regions, a risk that few respectable companies are willing to take.

Further Foodstuffs

A small agricultural company jointly owned by the Ardishapur and Sarum families. The products of Further Foodstuffs are mostly used by the subjects of these two families, with what little is left surplus allowed to be sold on the open market. This has curbed the expansion opportunities of the company, though it means the fleets of Ardishapur and Sarum will never lack for food.

HZO Refinery

A small, but aggressive mining company that has concentrated its operation in the highly disputed regions between Minmatar and Ammatar space. Many of these areas are very mineral rich and HZO Refinery has shown a hefty profit in recent years. The company is backed by the Ammatar authorities and the Sarum family, which has given the company the military power it needs to operate safely in this hotly contested space.

Imperial Shipment

Imperial Shipment started out as the official courier service of the Amarr Emperor, but evolved some decades ago into a full fledged shipping company that operates throughout the Amarr Empire.

Inherent Implants

Inherent Implants is the leading cyber implant company in the world of EVE, which is easy to understand as they've been in business for centuries. Inherent Implants started by catering to the needy Holders, especially the royals. This is still their largest clientele, but recently the company has also started selling to other Amarrians and even foreigners. This has increased their profit many times, but is frowned upon by the conservative elements of the Amarr Holders.

Joint Harvesting

Joint Harvesting Joint Harvesting was formed a decade ago when several agricultural and mining companies joined together to form one giant company. One of the largest raw material companies in the world of EVE, Joint Harvesting conducts a wide variety of resource gathering and operates both inside and outside the Amarr Empire.

Noble Appliances

A small manufacturing company that specializes in customized jewelry for the very wealthy. But the company's managers have been shrewd enough to expand its production line to increase its flexibility and security. Today, the company manufactures many kinds of both luxury and mundane items, usually in high quality and small numbers.


The Amarrians have whole planets dedicated to food production, the populous state has bitter experience from famine and wants to make sure it never experiences famine again on a large scale. Nurtura is one of the larger Amarrian agricultural companies, one that has been in the forefront of exporting basic foodstuff to the other empires.


Viziam is only a few years old, having been founded around the remnants of a hi-tech company that floundered. Viziam received support from the Carthum Conglomerate and has quickly risen to prominence in the industrial sector of the Amarr Empire.

Zoar and Sons

An old company that dates back to the Moral Reform some 1500 years ago. Zoar was an influential Holder with strong ties to the royal court. He used his imperial connections to propel the company into the leading rank. After Zoar's death the company came under attack from rivals and political enemies and declined rapidly. But it managed to stay afloat and enjoys today a moderate success.

Amarr Schools

The Ammar Empire's most venerated educational institutions.

Hedion University

Hedion University's central campus is located on the planet Apha in the Hedion system - the first solar system colonized by the Amarr after their own. The university was founded by spirited and liberal scholars free from the scrutinizing eye of the emperor and his theologians.

Imperial Academy

The Imperial Academy is rooted in tradition and generally considered sub-par to the more modern military institutes found in the other empires. However, it is the only one of its kind within the Amarr Empire, thus serving a vital function.

Royal Amarr Institute

One of the oldest educational facilities in the world of EVE, the institute's origin date from the era when the Amarr were still confined to their continent on Amarr Prime; before the empire and the Great Reclaiming.

Mercenary Companies

The Amarr Empire may have a vast military force at its disposal but the various Minor, Major, and Royal Houses of the Holder class provide much work for mercenaries and private military corporations.

Ametat Security

An offshoot of the Imperial Shipment corporation, originally formed to provide planetary security for the shipping giant on frontier worlds and new colonies. Ametat Security now offers troops and equipment to anyone willing to pay their rates.

Company of Marcher Lords

Those True Amarr nobles who were veterans of the so-called 'Vindication Wars' gained the cognomen 'Marcher Lords' in Holder circles. After the hostilities on the border of the Ammatar Mandate died down to a low level, several of these nobles decided to form a corporation to train and equip militia forces on the frontiers of the Empire. With the blessing of Emperor Heideran VII, the Company of Marcher Lords generated a large income by offering its most elite troops as mercenaries.

Bragian Order

Tracing their roots back to an ancient order of gladiatorial fighters, the Bragians are notorious for their brutality and will to survive against all odds. As one of the few licensed mercenary corporations working within the Amarr Empire, the Bragian Order is regularly called on by Amarr Holders and megacorporations for special jobs, regardless of their reputation for atrocity. Well understanding the trade of fighting for coin, the Bragians care for little besides their reward for victory in battle.

Fraternity of St. Venefice

Protected by a webbing of obscure religious ordinances, the Fraternity of St. Venefice began life as a guild of assassins specializing in the use of poisons and serving the old Council of Apostles. The Fraternity narrowly survived the Moral Reforms due to its usefulness to the Royal Houses, but during the period degenerated into a band of paid killers. After the Minmatar rebellion, new leadership rooted out the most corrupt members and converted the Fraternity into a specialized counter-insurgency group ready to crush slave revolts, for a price.

Holdfast Syndicate

While powerful Amarr Holders may retain private armies, minor houses are often prevented from maintaining military cadres by their lieges, religious laws or Imperial decrees. A few organizations exist to provide such Holders with military capability and the Holdfast Syndicate is one of these. While many minor houses have invested in Holdfast, the corporation is independent and regularly takes on contracts across New Eden.

Kameira Lodge

The Kameira slave-soldiers of the Amarr Empire have an almost mythical status throughout New Eden, and even a sober analysis places them as among the most formidable troops in the cluster. While most Kameiras are fated to die in battle some survive to earn their freedom. The Kameira Lodge was founded by a number of freed Kameiras as a means of trading on their martial skills. Due to the reputation of the Kameiras, the mercenaries of the Lodge are much in demand.

Paladin Survey Force

Exploration and surveying is a vital part of interstellar commerce, and the Amarr Empire understands this as keenly as any other nation. The Paladin Survey Force is one of a number of corporations that provide military contingents to Amarr survey expeditions. Seeing increasing market demand for more aggressive services than escort and facilities security, the corporation has eagerly provided soldiers for combat operations across the cluster.

Red and Silver Hand

Closely linked to the Ardishapur Family, the Red and Silver Hand are a paramilitary organization holding a charter granting them the right to conduct planetary operations. Originally the soldiers of the Hand performed their duties in return for a grant of land. Today they prefer payment in cold hard coin, or its electronic equivalent.

Royal Uhlans

Founded by veterans of the Royal Khanid Navy and its Uhlan mechanized infantry regiments, the Royal Uhlans hold themselves loyal to the martial ideals of the Khanid Kingdom and its people. Since the rapprochement between the Kingdom and the Amarr Empire, the Uhlans have increasingly been seen on Empire holdings and are a well-regarded alternative to the existing Amarr mercenary companies. Rumor has it that the business-oriented Tash-Murkon house especially favors them as a go-to force for deniable ops

Shining Flame

Formed shortly after the coronation of the late Empress Jamyl I, the Shining Flame mercenary company appears to benefit from the patronage of the Sarum Family. The leadership of the Shining Flame is shrouded in mystery, with persistent rumors suggesting that a disgraced military officer with links to the Sarum secretly directs its operations.

Tal-Romon Legion

Named for the first Udorian to achieve sainthood, the Tal-Romon Legion is known to be among the business interests of the Tash-Murkon Family. The Udorian Heirs are traditionally the most outward-looking among the Royal Houses and the Legion's mercenaries travel far afield, plying their deadly trade in innumerable brush fire conflicts on the planets of New Eden.