The star system Pator is the home system of the Minmatar people.

Historical Background

Originally cataloged as CMS-17 when it was discovered in 8017 AD, the system was soon renamed Pator, and quickly colonized. The fourth planet in particular, Matar, was well suited to colonization and gave birth to the Minmatar civilization.

Of the nine planets, six of them are host to some form of life. At the height of the first Minmatar space age, these six planets had settlements, either on, or below the surface, or in orbit.

Pator has been particularly hard used by human habitation, and there is speculation that some of its moons may have been harvested well before the Amarr occupation that saw an increase in the plunder of natural resources.


Pator is the seat of government for the Minmatar Republic, and is undergoing the same rapid changes seen elsewhere in Minmatar space. There is unprecedented growth in the tourism, heritage, culture, and governance fields, though other industries have suffered major disruptions. The mining industry alone is figured to have lost millions in held-up mining rights, as the government tries to process tribal land claims.



Pator is a bright orange K5 star just under 10 billion years old. It has a radius of 125,400 km, and a temperature near 4500 Kelvin. This star is very stable and emits very few solar flares.

Inner Planets

Pator I

This lava planet, also known as Istinn, has an orbit radius of 0.42 AU and an orbit period of 85.1 days. It is a source of base metals, heavy metals, and magma, among other materials. It has no moons and no asteroid belts.

Pator II

Also named Belogor, this planet is classified as barren, though it does host some very simple forms of life. It has a very low surface pressure, and an orbit period of 216.2 days. Belogor was the second planet to be colonized by the Minmatar. A small mining colony was established here that ran until it was completely depopulated on the Day of Darkness.

Pator III

Pator III, also known as Huggar, was the first planet settled by the Minmatar during their first, brief space age. Although there is some indication that this planet was colonized prior to the EVE Gate collapse, whatever civilization had been here died out well before the arrival of the Minmatar in 21424 AD. This temperate planet, with an average annual surface temperature of 307.66 Kelvin, or 34.51 Celsius, plays host to both simple and complex forms of life, and was the logical choice for the first Minmatar colonization efforts. The colony established here flourished until contact with the Amarr. Although it wasn't completely depopulated during the Day of Darkness, more than half its population was taken. With the trade routes to Matar cut off, the colonies here languished in a primitive state, and were easy pickings for future Amarr slave raids.

The planet has two moons, and is home to a Republic Security Services Assembly Plant.

Pator IV

Sometimes referred to as Old Mother, Pator IV is more commonly known as Matar. This temperate planet plays host to numerous forms of life, and has one moon and one asteroid belt. Most of its land mass is concentrated on one side of the planet, giving it one of the largest oceans in the cluster, often referred to as the Great Wet Desert.

Little is known of the pre-collapse society that developed here. However, after the EVE Gate collapse, four distinct civilizations developed. Despite some early warfare among these civilizations, they eventually merged to become recognizable as the foundation of the Minmatar people.

Pator V

This storm planet, also named Vakir, is home to a Republic Fleet Logistic Support station. It has one asteroid belt, and one moon, that also plays host to a Quafe Company Factory. Despite its rather mild temperatures, the storms have ensured that no life of any kind has developed on this planet, though its resources and proximity to Matar have kept its space lanes busy.

Pator VI

As with the other barren planets in this system, Pator VI (also known as Varkal), is host to some simple forms of life. There remains some liquid trapped below the surface, and this, combined with a myriad of metals, has seen colonies established here, though not large enough to warrant a station in orbit. The first colony established here was completely depopulated on the Day of Darkness.

There is a single asteroid belt about 54 km wide that orbits fairly close to the planet at just a little over 300 million km.

Pator VII

With an average surface temperature of 305.88 K(or 32.73 Celsius), Pator VII, also known as Kulheim, was the second planet settled by the Minmatar. Although this barren planet, at a distance of 5.91 AU, is home to some forms of simple life, the colonies here never really flourished, and were completely depopulated by the Amarr slave ships on the day of first contact.

There is a Republic Security Services Assembly Plant, and asteroid belt orbiting the planet itself. It's one moon is also home to a Republic Fleet Testing Facility.

Pator VIII

Also known as Orinn, this storm planet is host to numerous raw materials. Though the Minmatar originally tried to establish a mining colony here, the storms proved too much for continual habitation of any kind, and colonization attempts had been abandoned well before first contact with the Amarr. Its single moon has an orbit period of 9.7 days.

Pator IX

This oceanic planet, also named Syld, plays host to numerous forms of life. Despite it being the last of the five planets colonized by the Minmatar prior to the arrival of the Amarr, it quickly grew to become the third largest settlement in Pator. It has a very high surface temperature of 354.10 K, or 80.95 Celsius, though much of the heat comes from the core of the planet itself. Although originally host mainly to food production colonies, Syld has become a premier vacation destination within the Republic, with many companies operating year-round, floating resorts.