Zainou Owned Medical Center Sealed Off – Local Health Officials Decline To Comment

New Eden News | YC119-02-09 - By Lina Ambre

OIJANEN - In the last hour, reports have reached the Scope News Network confirming that a medical center serving several of the southern districts of Myrskaa, the largest city on Oijanen II, has been completely sealed off by local health officials and law enforcement.

At this stage, the reason for the shutdown of the Myrskaa District 36 South Medical Center is unknown, with local health officials and law enforcement remaining silent on the security cordon that has been put in place.

Rumors also continue to circulate locally that link the shutdown of the medical facility with reports of a crash landing in the early hours of this morning.

While local news outlets began reporting on the atmospheric entry of a frigate class vessel and its subsequent ditching beyond city limits on the south side, further details of the situation, along with the condition of the pilot and any passengers who may have been on board has not been released after the arrival of a detachment of State Peacekeepers soon after the incident occurred.

Scope News has however been able to confirm from local sources that at least one individual from the crash landing was taken to the District 36 South Medical Center several hours before the facility was sealed off.

At this time, no further information on the cause of the shutdown has been provided by Zainou or the local State authorities, which has caused all subsequent emergency calls to be diverted to other south-side medical facilities.