Yoiul Festival Celebrations Looking Forward to YC120 as CONCORD Holiday Season Begins Despite Rogue Swarm Alert

New Eden News | YC119-12-20 - By Lina Ambre

CONCORD City, Yulai III - The atmosphere of celebration accompanying the Yoiul Festival and the official CONCORD holiday season is in full swing in CONCORD City. In light of the ongoing Rogue Swarm Alert, the residential and commercial hub of CONCORD's sovereign territories does have an elevated security posture, with its heavily upgraded space, air and ground defense networks at maximum alert as the population swells during the holiday season.

In New Eden, celebrations of the end of year in New Eden's shared Yoiul Conference calendar are at their highest in the Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic. Festivities are more muted in the Amarr Empire and Caldari State but are most evident in the capital, space-industrial and financial centers such as the Jita and Amarr systems.

The DED has stated that it is satisfied with the rate at which Rogue Swarm outbreaks and nests are being dealt with by freelance capsuleers answering the call of the Agency's task listing. Despite the festivities, it is not only the DED that is hard at work over the season. Some CONCORD and SCC officials are also preparing for their ten-yearly administrative and financial census of New Eden.

Additionally, CONCORD's Project Discovery division is preparing to review the calculation and sychronization of the New Eden timebase for purposes of its exoplanet hunting efforts.