Upwell Consortium Looks Forward to Increased Profits Ahead of 'FLEX' Product Line Launch

New Eden News | YC120-11-08 - By Lina Ambre

4C-B7X, Outer Ring - In a holomeeting with corporate and institutional investors, Upwell Consortium Chairman Yani Sar Arteu noted the sustained increase in Upwell profits through quarters one to three YC120, and stated that the Consortium fully expects profits to increase further in quarter four with the launch of their 'Fast Logistical EXpansion' or 'FLEX' product line, next week.

The Upwell Consortium revealed its plans for the FLEX product line of structures at a corporate press event on the sidelines of the annual Mind Clash Interstellar Championships at the Grand Tiegjon Casino in Vellaine, last month. With a line up of strategic navigation structures comprising the Ansiblex Jump Gate, Pharolux Cyno Beacon and Tenebrex Cyno Jammer, the FLEX brand once again follows the Upwell strategy of aiming squarely at the growing capsuleer market for space colonization infrastructure.

"Given the obsolesence of older starbase navigation systems, which of course ORE pioneered, we feel sure that the Upwell FLEX line of strategic and navigational structures will significantly enhance the efficiency, control and flexibility of capsuleer corporations making use of advanced faster-than-light transport technology," stated Chairman Arteu. "As such, we are confident that the trend for increasing profits which the Consortium and its members have enjoyed will continue and most likely change trajectory even more positively."

Ansiblex Jump Gate
The Upwell Consortium 's Ansiblex Jump Gate product

Discussing Upwell's research and development efforts, Chairman Arteu conceded that investigation of Triglavian technology had proved to be a boon for researchers in member corporations such as Propel Dynamics and Ytiri. The Chairman highlighted in particular the improvements in the Ansiblex made possible by such research, "We have been able to take advantage of certain insights provided by Triglavian conduit technology, and the EXERT Conduit Coupler incorporated in the Ansiblex has markedly increased the speed and stability with which point-to-point FTL transport conduits can be established between star systems."

Other Consortium developments discussed on the holomeeting call included an expansion of Frostline Laboratories development efforts from asteroid ice-mining to include the exploitation of the subclass of dwarf planets referred to as 'ice dwarfs'. Other developments mentioned were experiments by a partnership formed by Impetus and Chemal Tech with subcranial imaging implants, aimed at applications in areas as diverse as leisure immersion, industrial simulation and control systems, and the military systems market.

Questioned by some pension and charitable institution investors on the rumored development of an advancement of the aging transcranical microcontroller technology, Chairman Arteu disavowed the involvement of any Consortium member in research into "coercive or deceptive technologies such as that."

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