Upwell Consortium Announces Capsuleer Day!

New Eden News | YC118-05-05 - By Lina Ambre

4C-B7X - The Upwell Consortium has announced "Capsuleer Day" in a press conference this afternoon that also celebrated the final construction and onlining of the cluster's first independently owned and commercially operated Fortizar class Citadel.

During the press conference, Yani Sar Arteu, Chief Executive of Outer Ring Excavations, praised "the commitment, industrial might and tenacity of Hard Knocks Citizens, who have been confirmed to be the first to erect a Fortizar class Citadel."

Continuing the briefing, the recently reinstated leader of ORE and now Chairman of the Upwell Consortium confirmed that the organization would be honoring all capsuleers with the gift of an Upwell themed SKIN for every active pilot's capsule, plus the issue of festival launchers and pyrotechnics to aid in this coming weekend's celebrations, starting May 6th.

Friday, May 6th marks the thirteenth anniversary of the day on which the first commercial capsuleer licenses were authorized and issued, allowing independent capsuleer pilots to take to the skies.

It is expected that this weekend will see celebrations across the cluster to mark the occasion, with the Upwell Consortium reiterating that rapid advancements in both colonization and modular construction technology herald the dawn of a new age for the growth of capsuleer infrastructure.